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Fax to Email service providers

Has anyone any experience of using fax-to-email services? I need to receive my faxes with my emails. Saves running a fax line and m/c. Also won't need to be in office to pick up faxes. Anyone any experience of following providers found on the internet?: efax.co.uk; callsciences.co.uk; pumaone.co.uk; fax.co.uk? Costs about £30pa for your own 0870 fax number. Can anyone recommend, suggest others?
Richard Middleton

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Efax ...

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Thanks everyone!

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Fax to email

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Fax to Email - DMClub?

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Reasonably positive about YAC

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Efax or Efax?

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Online fax

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This is an old thread but it

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I would recommend online fax from Popfax

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