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Filing abbreviated accounts to Companies House

Are there any other alternatives to filing abbreviated accounts online?

I've had real problems using the PDF that Companies House have. Seem to get so far through it and then it crashes or it crashes each time I save it.

It's a pity you cannot simply send the PDF that you can create from VT.
Tiger Woods

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Co House and I Rev

pauljohnston |

TrueData Filer banishes template torture!

hmyers |

TrueData Filer website now up and running

hmyers |

xbrl submissions to companies house

daveforbes |
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TrueData Filer

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

Already Told Them

tomtrainer |

VT are listening...

vtsoftware |


Anonymous |

Software is the answer

bobhurn |


carnmores |

Just paper

newmoon |

It's seems OK to use after a while

AnonymousUser |

On line filing of abbreviated accounts

merchantmcdonald |