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Fixed fees and price lists

I want to draw up a price list for my services and I want to be able to publish this on my website and marketing material. Previously I have quoted fixed prices to clients after a review of their records and discussing their requirements, based on the usual hourly rate x hours methodology.

I can see some firms quote monthly prices on their websites, such as sole traders accounts and tax return for £40 per month. How is this possible given that the size and nature of each business varies considerably, not to mention the quality of records?

I think such price lists can only apply to businesses who adopt a particular method of bookkeeping (e.g. online software or pro-forma spreasheets). But I really want to give this a stab. Any advice or suggesstions?

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Rough with the smooth

girlofwight |

Fixed fees

James Hellyer |
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Why not 'FROM £40 per month'

bookmarklee |
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Done by band & class

zebaa |

Winners and losers

Jason Dormer |
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Main problem with fixed fees

zarathustra |
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Customer perception

ShirleyM |
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Fixed fee from

PUREaccountants |
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Fixed fee good; published on website bad

AdShawBPR |

Publishing Fixed Fees

Bonehill |
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transaction volumes

Countinformation |

Automating your Quotes

chatman |


AdShawBPR |

Fixed Fees - need good input

MartinLevin |
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chatman |

Missing the point

AdShawBPR |

Hidden fees vs fixed fees

Jamestwd |
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