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Free telephone advice

In the past I have offered free telephone advice to clients but a recent posting got me thinking as to how sensible this is.

I have always done it as a 'sweetener' to attract clients, and on the basis that most clients dont abuse it.

But I now feel I am missing the wider picture. Surely by offering something so significant/fundamental as free telephone advice as accountants we are seriously devaluing our work.

I recently used a solicitor for a major business deal and had a large bill for the work done (£6.5k) and they didnt offer free telephone advice and I wouldnt have dreamt of expecting them to do so. Why? I know solictors are expensive professional people. So why as accountants should we be any different?

I am seriously reconsidering using free telephone advice as a selling point. It needs to be something else which doesnt devalue our worth. Ater all if we do so much for free - free intial consultations, free telephone advice etc., give away free tax advice booklets on our websites etc why on earth should clients expect to pay for anything?

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Free telephone advice but...

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Free unlimited telephone advice

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What is the line?

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What limits??

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The last thing...

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Quick word never harms you

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