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Furious with QuickBooks support

after years of promoting their products , i am furious about they way they are behaving. i have always taken a positive attitude to their products but now will take the half empty rather than half full approach.

our problem is that a charity has QB on one computer and wants to load it on another PC in a convemient location. in order to do this we have to deactivate the payroll on the old machine before activating the new one.

i have heard some nonsense it my time but this takes the biscuit. this is a perfect example of where SaaS woud be ideal.

Intuit say the payroll license can only be used on 1 workstation period (not one at a time - thoughtit was sold as single user licence not a single workstation one, a crucial difference) not that i remeber that crucial diferentiation at the time of the charity taking out its payroll subscription. the fact is that only one person operates the software apart from me on an occassional visit.

In all my time using QB which is over 15 years i have never ever been told that you could not load the software twice (as only one user could access it at a time) and in fact i was told the opposite in respect of the accounting software. payroll is obviously a new dynamic and has been troublesome throughout however i am not buying into this nonsense any more . as people might be aware i will not pass by on the other side when it comes to software house practices and bull****.


have any other users had similar problems
Nicholas Myles

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have any other users had similar problems

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