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Furnished Holiday Let days

For FHL rules to apply on a UK/EEA property, the property must be available 140 days and actually let 70 days.

Assume someone is going away for one week tomorrow, 1 August. Their stay is 1 - 8 August. For the FHL criteria, would you regard that week as 7 days or 8 days? Obviously, if we're looking at nights, it's 7, but the legislation refers to days.

I've never had to ask this before, but am reviewing a potential FHL claim and it looks like it may be under the 70 days if we count each week's stay as 7 days (averaging may not help either).

Logically, my gut feeling is to say it should be 7 days, because:
a) 140 days is effectively 20 weeks
b) 70 days is 10 weeks
c) Presumably, in the above example, someone else may well be coming in for the next week 8 - 15 August, so you would end up double counting the Saturday of departure and arrival, if you took a week's let as 8 days.

I think I'm getting myself more and more confused here and it is Friday afternoon after all and so, would appreciate a second opinion.

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It's a good question

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Why should there be double-counting?

Anonymous |

Thanks for the answers so far

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I'm not so sure

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Not so sure?

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Apologies if I sound niaive here!

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