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A small company purchased goodwill of £50,000 some six years ago, and on a recent professional valuation it was valued at £150,000. All other assets are also worth at least book value.

The directors have asked this to be reflected in the accounts to show the re-valued amount in the balance sheet. I can find no objection to this provided it has an appropriately worded note in the balance sheet, and the goodwill is professional valued on a regular basis, to be consistent.

Are there any accounting standards that say small companies cannot revalue goodwill, and reflect that in the balance sheet?












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Quite the reverse

pawncob |
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FRS 10

Anonymous |

Revaluation - Yes we can!!

TrevorJSmith |
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Revaluing goodwill

Anonymous |

Small Company Goodwill - to re-value or not to re-value

TrevorJSmith |
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