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Goodwill Valuation

I recently read an article on accountingweb where a reply from a member suggested they were using a software package to value goodwill when incorporating a business. Does anyone know of such software?

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Goodwill and general business valuation

Anonymous |

Has anyone tried this?

Anonymous |

Where is the trial version?

Anonymous |

I'm not aware of an ideal solution

bookmarklee |
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Not quite understand your comments Mark

Anonymous |

Messaage to anonymous

bookmarklee |
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This bit....

Anonymous |

I think all Mark is saying ...

Steve Holloway |
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Spot on Steve

bookmarklee |
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The package AWEB used to promote

John Stokdyk |
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Trial Version

hyderaly |
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Valuing Goodwill in Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

hughosburn |
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Demo available

simonllp |

Hmmm... an automated expert...

Anonymous |