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Has anyone any advice as to how to deal with 'missing' 64-8s?

I know I'm not alone with this, so any suggestions as to how to proceed would be welcomed.

I have sent a few 64-8s to HMRC over the last couple of months after taking over from another accountant. HMRC have denied all knowledge of the majority of them (but not all) and suggest we resend (after the embaressment of asking the client to sign again).

What riles me is that they have gone from the old accountants list, so HMRC seem to have half the story. I'm always told the 64-8 depot doesn't have telephones and their staff can't read so we can't write to them (ok, so not the second part, but they have ignored every letter over the years). Should I be making a formal complaint? Will they just say 'we never had them'?

Any suggestions?

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Perhaps that would have been the best way

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They have lost the plot!

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2 copies

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Online system ...

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They do answer the phone there...

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64-8 .v. Online

markabacus |

Don't do online or use agent maintainer

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