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HMRC Benefits- Olympic Tickets

My FOI request resulted in the following response:
Central Policy

Information Strategy Team
Room 1C/26
100 Parliament Street

by email:

Fax 020 7147 0666


Date 29 June 2011
Our Ref 1754/11

________ Your Ref

Dear Mr

Freedom of Information Request

I refer to your request of 6 April 2011 which I am answering under the terms of the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

You requested the following information:

1. The total number of tickets your organisation applied for
2. The total amount paid for tickets (or amount outstanding if not yet paid)
3. Please break this information down by event
The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) coordinated a ballot for tickets on
behalf of Government Departments for those staff who have been substantially involved in
work related to the 2012 Games. Eligible staff are limited to two, non-transferable, tickets for
which they will pay the full face value.

HMRC received 50 tickets from the ballot as set out below:

Information is available in large print, audio tape and Braille formats.
Type Talk service prefix number – 18001

Number of
tickets Total Cost
Badminton 4 £130
Table Tennis 4 £110
Rowing 2 £100
Handball 2 £40
Athletics 4 £80
Swimming 2 £100
Football 2 £60
Handball 2 £40
Taekwondo 2 £60
Weightlifting 2 £90
Handball 2 £40
Road Cycling 2 £40
Artistic Gymnastics 6 £120
Beach Volleyball 4 £300
Rhythmic Gymnastics 2 £40
Track Cycling 2 £130
Boxing 4 £100
Basketball 2 £90
Total: 50 £1,670

HMRC will recover payment for the tickets in full from staff attending the events.

No wonder we can't get tickets

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DBlood |
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Why the HELL have HMRC been given 50 tickets!!?

Locutus |
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not given

Mouse007 |
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Random ?

DBlood |
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Agree with Mouse

Flash Gordon |

"Doesnt it give you confidence in the fairness of "random selec



Alan Davies |


Flash Gordon |

Staff Incentive?

rhewitt296 |


Constantly Confused |
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Not today rhewitt296

Locutus |
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