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HMRC Frustration


I wrote to a CT office regarding interest charged on a payment they already held.  Six weeks having passed I rang the office to chase a reply.  I was told "We wrote to our interest unit about it and they have written back to us, I'll have to find the letter and ring you back as we are not opening March post yet". They phone back and say "Our interest unit wrote us (the CT office) and said we hadn't supplied the correct information, we have to write to them again"



CIS online is down.  The website says it will be fixed sometime . I rang online services and asked for a reference so when I get a load of penalties and removal of gross status that I have to appeal (for free) I have something to refer to.  I am told that the CIS deadline is tomorrow and I should try again then.  I explain I may not be able to wait around tomorrow on the off chance they fix their website. I then ask for a reference again and am told I cannot have one as the system is down.

Has anyone any tips on dealing with these people?


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Customer (victim) service.

cymraeg_draig |
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More frustration....

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