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HMRC PAYE forms orderline

I found it utterly unbelievable this morning when I contacted the HMRC PAYE forms orderline (08457 646 646) to place a small order for P60 forms.

Firstly, they no longer provide 3-part versions which is semi-understandable seen as everybody has to submit on line, but I still like to retain a paper copy for myself.

But, what really took the biscuit was that HMRC are currently "out of stock" of P60 forms one day before the end of the tax year!

They have assured me that my delievery will be despatched when they arrive, lets hope it is not after 31st May 2011 or otherwise I will have failed to meet my obligations under the PAYE regulations in providing my employees and my clients' employees with Form P60 by the due date.

What is going on with that organisation?


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You got to love em !!!!

occca |

Copy of P60

Euan MacLennan |
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Every year ... same thing!

glynisbm |
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