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Does anybody know if it's better to hold onto returns ready for online filing and wait for the website to be repaired or is it better to file them anyway? Predictably it looks like it couldn't handle the workload!
susan ault

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Just taken last 2

Anonymous |

System crash - again (or still?)

Pauline7372 |

Crashed again?

Anonymous |

thank you

AnonymousUser |

Or has it?

Anonymous |

sense has prevailed - extended to friday

Habel |

Clever Lord Carter!

Robert Clubb |


Anonymous |

Alternate way in??

ksalter |
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Electronic filing - what Working together issue 29 says!

Habel |

two left to do

memyself-eye |
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Are you trying to file

ACDWebb |
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I am sure it will be sorted by this evening

AnonymousUser |


neileg |

What a shocker!!!

Anonymous |