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How do I systemise?

In one of the other thread Bob (Porfolio Marketing) made a really good point on franchising concept. He mentioned that one good thing that can be learnt from them is to systemise. This clearly brings efficency savings. Most of our work can be standardised - assembly line.

I would like to systemise without reinventing the wheel. By this I mean I would like to buy a system (adapt it a little). This would not be any different to buying a franchise system - procedures manual .

Here is one example of -Life time of client system:

1) Propsect - Send a confirmation of appt letter (Standard letter available)

2) Quoatation - again template

3) Eng letter

4) Welcome client letter

5) Keeping in touch with clients (email/meeting)

6) Referral thank you letter

7) Client died/lost business/ letter

8) Client resigned - Letter thanking for business and asking for a feedback and so on.

In the above case I have most of the stuff. This is one system. Other systems would be prodn of accounts/tax returns,chasing for debts etc.

I would be grateful for any suggestions on where I can buy an off the shelf system.






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Why on earth do you want to buy an off the self system?

SteveOH |
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It's not rocket science but it's not easy either

Adrian Pearson |
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I agree with FirstTab

andypartridge |

Forms Letters and Tools

ksalter |
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FirstTab |
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Logical Office

Malcolm Veall |
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