How many people have rung you up today asking for an instant tax return?

So far (3pm)

We have had 2 existing clients, and 3 new enquiries.

All 5 of them sounded put out when we explained that no, we where not sitting here with am empty desk and no, there was no chance at all of filing their returns by the end of Monday.

I think we are all done now, just got 5 completed awaiting payment/signatures, 2 unfinished awaiting information and 4 not started.

Pub time! If anyone calls I was too busy to pick up the phone.





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Missed opportunity.

Dougscott |
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Totally disagree

cymraeg_draig |
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Agree with C_D

andypartridge |

Just had a call

taxhound |
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And another one....

Ken Howard |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Can anyone beat six years ?

naomi2000 |
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I had been sitting there smugly ...

Steve Holloway |
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