How to merge names split between two columns in Excel?

Over the past few years I have created a database of around 23,000 records in an Excel spreadsheet. For reasons which are now no longer applicable, the company surname was put in one column and the initials/first name of the company was put in a separate column - thus Joe W Bloggs & Co Ltd would have Joe W in column A and Bloggs & Co Ltd in column B. I now need to merge the colums into one so that I can import data from an online database vendor which uses only a single column for the full company name. Can anyone help? If I need a macro, can anyone provide one for me for this specific purpose, please? Incidentally, should I ever need to separate the single column into two, is that possible?

Many thanks

Jeremy Kitchin
Jeremy Kitchin

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Oh, by the way...

Richard Willis |
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Try this..

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I'm with Paul

Richard Willis |
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concatenation yes

listerramjet |
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separation is possible

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