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How to stop the revenue hassling me..

I completed my P35 end of year return mid-May using their online service (which I was really pleased with - works great and I love being able to print my P60's etc)

Anyway, a few months later a got a printed reminder in the post, saying it was overdue. I rang my tax office and they said, "yes, we can see you submitted it, ignore the letter". So I did.

A month or so later, another reminder arrives, this time warning of interest etc. AGain, I ring my office, and they again confirm they do actually have my return. They dont know why they are sending me reminders.

This week, I got a phone call from Glasgow office, asking me again why I havnt submitted my return. I almost lost my cool, but carefully explained the whole saga.

I am half expecting a letter with a fine for not submitting my return, so when/if it arrives, what should I do? How do I convince the revenue they do actually have my return and to stop hassling me for it?


Neil Spellings

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Use recorded delivery

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Some Things You Just Cant Change

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Double Record

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Duplicate records? and complaint

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Revenue hassling

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Similar with P11D's

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