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How to use Excel for Bank Reconciliation.


I am looking for Tips from my senior colleagues, who using Excel for Bank Rec, and would highly appreciate your comments.

I want to speed up Bank Reconciliation process when using Excel. How can we use Excel effeciently when doing Bank Reconciliation jobs to fine out Differences.

I have spent Hours in the Past to find differences .

Kind Regards.
Rehan Arain

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Bank Recs in Excel

Oscar Lopez LL |

btw, use google translate

mikeopolo |

SQL database for reconciliations - Auto Bank Rec

enodatio |

Where are you starting from?

Richard Willis |
Richard Willis's picture

its all about matching?

listerramjet |
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hi Richard - pivot table tip

listerramjet |
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Alastair, I agree

Richard Willis |
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Excel version

yardleystar |

Data List feature

jumpalongjim |

Thanks Very Much.

Rehan1 |
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Data 'leakage' from named ranges

yardleystar |

Try using bank statement numbers & filters.

Mick Eaton |

I'd personally would use the "if" formulae and the "auto filter"

adam.hall |

Excel Reconciliation Function

jumpalongjim |


listerramjet |
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Steve, can you Group dates in a List?

David Carter |

Excel for Bank Reconciliation

oliv-33 |

Excel Tool to Reconcile Bank to Books

dougschiller |

Bank Reconciliation

AlBear |

Simple Excel tool to reconcile

l_manju |