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I am getting more and more emails asking for quotes. Are they serious?

I don't think I've ever had a serious potential client who has asked for a quote via email.

I got this email last week. They actually wanted a quote before taking it further.

"Quote required

I have had my company for over 3 years, my year end was Oct 31st 2010.
Below are the services that my current accountant offers.

·         Year end accounts and Corporation Tax Return
·         Payroll bureau
·         Shareholder and Dividend advice
·         Dealing with Inland Revenue and Companies House
·         Completion of VAT returns
·         Completion of Annual Return
·         Personal Taxation – including P11D, Tax Return
·         IR35 compliance and solutions
·         Unlimited direct access to your accountant for all help and advice
·         Free bookkeeping software
·         Registered Office service
·         IR35 contract review
·         Company closure
·         Dormancy

Could you please let me know if you are offering the same services? Also how quickly could I swap to you?"

I pointed out that the email gave no clue of regularity of payroll or number of employees. Why do they want dormant company/close company/corporation tax return all in one. They want me to quote for "unlimited direct access"?

Another potential client's email gave some information:

"Want help with the following works.

1. Bookkeeping (max 100 vouchers), taxes, VAT, monthly report and annual accounts.

2. Address of the company in London

3. Event person- writing in England

4. Instructions for opening bank account

Operations started on January 1, 2011. Got a comment from HM Revenue & Customs . Measure? Maybe for late…

Await Your offer as soon as possible."

I offered to meet with both of them but all they seem to want is a quote. They appear to be clowns. I get plenty of sensible clients so it doesn't worry me but it's amazing what dross is out there.


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Face to face

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Me too.

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E Mails

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I agree with CD

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Got the same email

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thank you

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I have given quotes and won and lost clients

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mine said recommended by a friend

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Urghhh - hate these

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