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I am not a traditional accountant!! Anyone else like this?

I am a Qualified ACCA, Masters and work for a large company earning very good money.

However I didnt really ever want to be an accountant but thought it would be a good career. Half way through my studies I thought I cant continue not because of the work element or bad marks quite the contrary. I just thought this is dull.

However I managed to trick myself into working hard with the belief of starting my own company at the end of my studies (as an accountant would provide a sound basis for this etc).

Now I am at the point where on qualifying I have been promoted GREAT but I find it all mildly dull compared to my other qualified colleagues who love it. I work at a great company people are fab, money good, good prospects.

I have looked at other jobs with recruitment consultants and all the jobs are the same.

Is there anyone else out there feel like this and if so what are they doing or did about it?

Really interested to know!!!

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Not the job for you!

ronmorris23 |

Can't agree more

Anonymous |

Career Faux Pas

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

Is it really the work that is dull?

Pauline7372 |

Congratulations on your honesty though

Anonymous |

Non Traditional

Anonymous |

Nothing traditional in that question

Paul Scholes |
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Boring Work

AnonymousUser |

It's not for eveyone!

AnonymousUser |

Not a traditional

AnonymousUser |

Take a risk !

Anonymous |

you might be better off self-employed

AnonymousUser |

Stick with it

Anonymous |

Nor am I a traditional Accountant

thomas.peterson |
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Im not a traditional Accountant either

cstax |
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Start your own business

skylarking |

Lion Tamer

neileg |

my view

AnonymousUser |