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ICAEW membership fee

I recently applied for membership to the ICAEW, and had to pay about £460 in initial membership joining fee. My firm were not keen to reimburse me for this for P11d reasons, thought they paid the sub element.

Does anybody know if I can claim tax relief on this, or do I graciously accept this lovely joining present? (It seems wholly, exclusively and neccesarily to me)
Nigel Brown

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Hansard, 6 November 1986

andymeeson |

Off the top of my head..

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ICAEW Membership

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hi neil

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No 'Joke' splendid idea

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The answer is

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It's so much easier...

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I also know, Mr RoARger Tiger

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Wholly, exclusively and neccesarily?

neileg |

Ideal would be this ................

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