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ID proof for non UK resident client

The situation is that I've a Swedish client currently living in Switzerland. He's been a client since 2001, so before the 2004 and 2007 money laundering regulations. I've done my best to get evidence together to satisfy myself as to his identity, but he hasn't a UK address and never comes to the UK - I've never met him. I've no way of knowing if his passport is him or not. I got a certified copy of his passport, but the declaration is in Swiss and I've no idea how to contact the person verifying it's a true likeness etc. He just has UK company for his UK business activities. I thought I'd done enough to prove his ID, but really, looking at the file from an outsiders' point of view (the way the regulators would see it), I have very little. All I've got is purely circumstantial, in that I have several years of dealing with him, but probably next to nothing on file to prove it. Does anyone do ID checks for non UK residents - all the ones I've seen seem to check things like the UK electoral role and UK telephone directory, UK PEPs directory, etc - I don't want to waste money on one of these only to be told they've nothing on him. How do other people get around it?
Ken Howard

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