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If you are thinking of leaving Iris give plenty of notice!!

For those who are getting fed up with slow response times from Iris, unfixed bugs in the program and paying a lot for the privilege, plus annual above inflation price increases, you could potentially be paying through the nose to leave Iris.

SPA has notified practitioners of the following:

"... An SPA member has notified us that as he is selling his practice he needed to cancel his contract with IRIS only to find that as he has not provided sufficient notice he must pay in excess of £3000 for the coming year - despite the fact that he has been with IRIS for ten years they are making no allowances. Please be warned!"

I would have thought Iris should be paying practitioners £3,000 to compensate for the increasingly poor level of service and increasingly high charges, but it seems this thought has not crossed their mind.

It seems nothing has changed since the poor treatment I received when I left Iris a few years ago and then went back to them - despite having paid quarterly prior to leaving they insisted on me paying a year up front when I returned! It seems it's all part of their service.

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Only thing that will make IRIS change

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