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IFA practising certificate

Has anyone applied for a practising certificate with IFA this year?

I am interested in applying for direct membership with IFA (as an ACCA member). The sole purpose is to be able to obtain a practising certifcate from them.
Having spoken to IFA on the phone, they were quick to send their application form to me, but when I prodded them about applying for a practising certifcate, they were a big vaque in providing the info.
Ofcourse, I would not want to go through the hassle of applying for membership(not to mention cost) , just to get stuck when it comes to obtaining a practising certificate.

Could anyone who has applied for a PC recently with IFA give me a list of the actual requirements for obtaining a practising certificate with them?

Thank you
Sandra Blakes

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I would disagree...

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I have done this myself

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