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I have recently retired from my employment with an insurance company. I receive a pension of £30K per annum. I am 61, my wife is 60, and my 4 children are 15 -25. I own a house worth £500K with no mortgage, and I have savings in building societies of about £150K. I would like to make my children joint owners of the house with me and my wife, so that they are well provided for if I should die in the next 10 years. I have been told that there will be IHT and Stamp Duty to pay if I do this. The alternative seems to be to set up a trust, but this will be costly in terms of set-up and running costs. Does anyone have any other ideas to achieve the same outcome, please?

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Without some form of trust

Anonymous |

2 lots of exempt amount?

Anonymous |

Is your wife your first wife and mother of your children?

Anonymous |

IHT concerns

Kevin Mullen |