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The "ink absorber is full"

I've never had this problem before, possibly because printers have always broken after about a year. Apparently the ink absorber is full and I need to contact the (non existent) service centre.  This is obviously something to do with waste ink. Is this something I can sort out myself with a hosepipe or something less drastic, or do I buy a new printer?

The current one is a Canon Pixma MX300 and it seems to be working perfectly still despite the error message.


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If the ink absorber were empty...

Anonymous |

Good point

Blakeney |

Colour lasers

ShirleyM |
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This may help

paulwakefield1 |

Ink absorber

3569787 |
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Thanks for the suggestions

Blakeney |

had something similar with an Epson

sheppitsgal |

Outlook and calendar appointments

Anonymous |

Not sure what you mean!

ShirleyM |
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Outlook Email to Calendar

RogerNeale |
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