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iXBRL and detailed P&L

In times past, when filing paper CT600 and accounts, or when filing online by PDF, we have included the detailed P&L account.

Our software (Sage) will not (currently) generate the detailed P&L account as part of its iXBRL formatted accounts for submission as a CT600 attachment.  The final product goes through to HMRC OK, ie passes online validation, but will this come back to haunt us?

I realise that it is a case of all change again in 2013.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood.

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thacca |
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there is as you say ...

nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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Is a detailed P&L needed and does it have to be tagged ?

daveforbes |
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Response from Sage Accountants' Division Product Manager

jon.martingale |

solution to detailed p & l

Tonykelly |
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detailed P&L as a pdf

daveforbes |
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dave forbes - i would say you are partly right

Tonykelly |
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