Just been offered an unusual advertisement deal - any thoughts

Just been phoned up by someone asking if I do tradesmen's accounts and tax returns.  Said yes and then got asked if I wanted to advertise on Gibbs & Dandy TV.

Deal is a fully produced TV ad shown every 10 minutes in the local branch for £12 pw, £624pa.

I am torn between thinking, yes I need to grow my practice and no way!  My reasons for the no, are I wouldn't know where to start with the TV ad thing, and also I wonder if it would lead to a glut of people with messy books wanting the whole thing done for £150/ £200 and just result in more pain than I want.

Anyone done a similar sort of thing and what was the result?  Any other thoughts?


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Bob Harper |
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I have just had the same phone call . . . .

Anonymous |

Don't do it Luke!

stephenkendrew |

Brand awareness

Bob Harper |
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What was the content?

Bob Harper |
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Thanks all for your input

Luke |
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As Tom Jones would say, It's not unusual

Phil Rees |
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Brand and strategy = brand strategy

Bob Harper |
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Think of it this way...

SimonLever |
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Cliff Jenner

clark jenner |