Just lost a client, when I asked why they said they had been quoted £80 annual fee for self employed tax return

I was stunned.  I charged £175+VAT last year for a simple job but still, £80, how can they do that and make money?

Of course, I said Good Luck to you, Bye and offered to correspond with the new accountant as per normal.  More because I want to see who on earth it is charging £80 with presumably no VAT. 

Now it is a quick and simple job to be fair, but surely that is desperation to charge £80 annual fee?  Or maybe a bookkeeper who thinks it's a 'pricy' job?

Anyone else lost clients to such a tiny fee?


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There's always some!

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Oh, and

Monsoon |
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We have experienced something similar

ShirleyM |
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It depends

MarionMorrison |
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I've lost a handful of clients recently for small fees

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Expect more

Bob Harper |
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Depends on your definition of simple.

Gilly |

Thanks for replies

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Should've Asked Dom...

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