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Land Rover CT Tax query

A friend works in an engineering business that travels around the UK fixing up aircraft. He needs a vehicle to carry tools, travel around in, and use for private means such as the school run, etc.

He is not keen on buying a Van (mostly for kids school run reason) so he had his heart set on a Land Rover Diesel. However I know that the HMRC classes these as cars for tax so he will likely suffer as a result. He was thinking of buying the car privately and using the company to fork out for a loan but I'm not sure how legit that is.

He also needs more tooling so he was thinking of using the loan to partially pay for that as well.

Whats the best course of action he could take for tax purposes? He's willing to consider other large cars, but because he needs space, it needs to be big without been a van.

Any help will be great! Thanks.
Luke Hector

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