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Linking Amazon sales to accounting software

We have a client who sells predominately via Amazon (although also through their own website). They want to be able to automate the process of getting information from the Amazon settlement reports and stock reports into their accounting system so that there is a rich source of management information in one place.

We are aware that we could

a) type it all in again, but with hundreds of sales a month, that's not attractive

b) just enter summary data from the settlement reports, but that doesn't keep accurate stock records or allow analysis of profit per item etc.

We can't seem to find a way to do better than this. With thousands of people selling on Amazon I can't believe that one of the accounting software providers hasn't jumped at the opportunity to offer some sort of link / automatic upload facility. The client (and we) are flexible as to which system they use, so any ideas very welcome - cloud software providers, please take up the challenge!

Thanks in advance

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