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LLP Accounts

Good afternoon,

I would appreciate your help re: LLP Accounts.

LLP year end is 31.12.2009, It solely exists for management of freehold building from

which rental income is derived and distributed to members, However just after the year end

on 02 April 2010 the Building was sold, and members now intend to dissolve the LLP.

Do I need to disclose Going concern in the current accounts ? (Bearing in mind that next year

accounts will be the last accounts). if yes, just it be narrative Going Concern paragh or

detailed information.( what to write in pls advise)

Secondly, as building was sold after the year end, my understanding is, I just need to

 disclose in the post-balance sheet event, the date and amount it was sold for ?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Without checking the FRSSE / FRS 21, my answers are.....

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