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Marketing budget - How much?

I am thinking of practice expansion £50k per year (any comments on this aspect would be appreciated). I know this is a ambitious target. I would like to try anyway.

To achieve this target- right marketing would be vital. This is my key question - what would right marketing. Is there a for formula for this? For example:

  • £x on telemarketing
  • £x on Google adwords
  • £x on other online/ offline promotion
  • £x on any thing I have not thought about.

What would be right marketing? How much should the marketing budget be?

Any recommendations on anyone who can help me with all this?


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Bob Harper |
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Agree with Bob on this one...

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0098087 |
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Test, test, test

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Jason Dormer |
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0098087 |
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card drops

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direct marketing

SamanthaGore |
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Type of client

pauljohnston |

No issue with direct mail for accountants

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