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Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009

I have a client who uses MOAE. It is not my preferred software but the client likes it for what he does, mainly producing the sales invoices. I find it very clumsy to use but the biggest problem I have is the VAT Return.

The problem I have is that there is no VAT code for "outside the scope of VAT". There is no support with the free Express version but on a Microsoft forum the moderator advised that MOA was approved by HMRC and that items outside the scope should be coded as E for exempt. Unfortunately this means they are also included in boxes 1 and 4 of the return. I have passed this to HMRC who gave a detailed reply that the Microsoft forum was wrong on both counts, and confirmed the way it handled VAT is incorrect. I also have a problem with the treatment of EC sales and purchases.

Has anyone had experience of MOAE and can advise if I have got something wrong in the setup or who has found another solution?

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MIcrosoft need to get their act together

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Overtaken by events

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you are correct

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Microsoft Office Accounting Express - VAT

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