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MLR check - how far do you take it?

 I must admit that I have always drawn a line at family members .... I was fairly envolved with my neice being born and my brothers have pretty much always been about ... I really don't think I need to confirm their identities formally!

The thing is, if you accept there rationally can be some exceptions then what about the client I am looking at this morning? I have known him for about 20 years. We have gone on holiday together and at no point was he arrested going through passport control. Some years ago we owned a business together and have therefore used the same solicitors. He has lived in the same house all that time and I attended his mum's funeral a while ago. I think I probably have a good idea of who he is.

So, if he is perhaps OK ... what about his brother who is has started his new business with. I don't know him apart from as my friends brother but they have kept the pretence up for a very long time!

What about my dad's nice neighbours? To all the world they appear to be genial pensioners with modest incomes and no hobbies remotely involving the use of semtex. 

Every now and then I think this is all a total waste of time and need reassurance that through my efforts I am keeping the global tide of terrorism at bay single-handedly.


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You've been to there house

valentino rossi |
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risk based approach

Monsoon |
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Risk assessment

philhendy |
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But you're missing the point (or I am)

adam.arca |

It is utter tosh

memyself-eye |
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A cunning plan

davidwinch |
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Photo ID ...

Steve Holloway |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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Photo ID

davidwinch |
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Ignore the rules and they might go away

MarionMorrison |
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taxhound |
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cathygrimmer |
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Centenarian gangsta?

davidwinch |
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MLR risk assesment - whose?

richardterhorst |
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From memory . . .

davidwinch |
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