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The pointless and depressing personal abuse that took place on several threads over the weekend - despite repeated warnings from me and interventions from John Stokdyk and Rebecca Benneyworth - has left us with no alternative but to change the way we moderate threads on AccountingWEB.


  • From this day forward, any comment or part of a comment which contains anything which is not relevant to the OP will be removed.
  • Any comment or part of a comment which attacks another member in any way will be removed.
  • We will not enter into debate with any members about these decisions.
  • The third time we have to do this to any member then their account will be closed.

Moderating forums in which members refuse to obey both the stated terms & conditions and simple professional and personal courtesy is time consuming and expensive. AccountingWEB is not prepared to continue wasting our resources on a small group of people who seem intent on spoiling the site's usefulness for other members.

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Have a nice day... ops!

zebaa |

A positive step, let's hope this works

Luke |
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What is "original OP"

3569787 |
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Sorry - "relevant to the OP"

3569787 |
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Anonymous |

Or indeed ...

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

A "Years Pension"

3569787 |
3569787's picture

Sorry for acronym!

Becky Midgley |
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Anonymous |

Thanks Becky

Monsoon |
Monsoon's picture

It's a shame but well done Becky.

SteveOH |
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Anonymous |

A sad move .. but so necessary

ShirleyM |
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Striking a balance

stepurhan |
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It needed doing

zarathustra |
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This has been so unfair I am making my first comment

CaroleUK |

I hope my answer and the one above are deleted

Anonymous |

CD not entirely blameless

stepurhan |
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If proof was needed

CaroleUK |

AWeb's policy on multiple identities?

Anonymous |

Tracking multiple identities

stepurhan |
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That would be a positive step forward.

Anonymous |

Cabin fever

paulwakefield1 |

Some sense at last!!!

DeborahLesley |
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I agree with CaroleUK

chatman |