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MONEYSOFT P35 Approval

 Does any one know of a way to e-mail a Moneysoft P35 to clients for electronic approval?  

I know Moneysoft allows a PDF documents to be created and attached  to a e-mail.  This allows the clients to print, sign, date and return the document to acknowledge the approval.

Ideally I want to easily e-mail a p35 to a client in the body of the e-mail for them to type I AGREE in reply to acknowledge the the P35 for e-filing.

Easily obtaining electronic filing authorisations via e-mail from clients, seems to be the one thing this fantastic piece of software is lacking. 




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Andy Joss

grumpy83 |
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Is it really safe to assume authority like this?

Moonbeam |
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Standing authority

andypartridge |

Use EchoSign

happy |
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Andy Joss

grumpy83 |
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