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Moneysoft payroll

We are looking at changing our payroll Software from Sage. Moneysoft seems to have been well recommended on here, but the last reviews are somewhat out of date. Is anyone here regularly using it and have any current feedback? We are looking at the Payroll Manager 100. If anyone has any reviews they could share, or suggestions of alternatives they would be most welcome. In particular, the reliability or the year end updates, and use for a significant number of companies.
Adam Dominey

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Moneysoft payroll

leonardbrw |

This might be a bit biased . . .

AmFaeEmbra |

And another fan of Moneysoft payroll.

Jennie Gillam |

This might be a bit biased - not

barry131 |
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At the risk of being boring ....

Anonymous |


Euan MacLennan |
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Moneysoft software

Yonder Dave |

Market Share

Anonymous |


ads-accountancy |


barry131 |
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Great Piece of Software

asdesign |

Wonderful, value for money software

saki69 |

...without doubt

sjmaccounting |

Moneysoft payroll is great

pav545 |


pauljohnston |


coline.aims |

Take a look at Payroll Professional

hhoddell |

there are many flaws with Moneysoft

AnonymousUser |

I agree..

deanshepherd |

Moneysoft - there can be no other!!

AnonymousUser |

Simply the best!!!

AnonymousUser |

Another vote for MoneySoft

Anonymous |

As good as they say!

pauljgoodman |

No problems at all

Ken Howard |

11 months and counting

Anonymous |

Still fantastic

Anonymous |

Still Amazed

Milfoil |

Good value for money

crownprince |

Payroll Manager

Joyce Annand |

Moneysoft payroll

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