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A moral dilemma

Pretty simple question though ethical minefiled.

I have 2 clients who deal with each other in a business sense.

I know that 1, the receiver of services is about to go into administration with no real possibility of the business being saved nor any creditors getting their money.

So do I inform my other client who is currently owed a relatively modest but not insignificant sum. They are not currently doing any work together.

I am mindful that I have this information in my professional capacity and therefore in confidence, but also that the surviving client is likely to be annoyed that I did not warn them. It is also the case the client is resaonably new to our firm and we were recommended by the business which is about to fail.

D Shield

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ethics is the only solution

Simon Newark |

other ethical issues

max.lee |

What ever you do will be wrong...

robert newman |

Who would gain?

birdman |
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Keep quiet

rc.falconer |

Be Professional

Fred Hoad |
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AnonymousUser |

ethical yes, but

Anonymous |

The big picture

ambroser |