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Must I use agencies for jobs?

For the last couple of occasions we’ve been looking for a new employee, we’ve used some fairly ineffective advertising in the local press. However it never seems to deliver us a decent crop of applicants and we get a whole lot of mailshots from agents giving us CVs of local people who just couldn’t be bothered to read the job ads. If you’ve seen the Nottingham Evening Post you’d sympathise.

 So now we need someone with a practice background, good communication and computer skills, an enthusiasm for the scuzzy end of accounts preparation for musicians and a sense of ambition. I’d love to get my hands on someone without having to pay an agency their obscene percentage, but can’t see an alternative if I want to choose well. Is there any haggling to be done with the agencies? Or are there third routes?

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Totally agree !

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there are other options....

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Trust to luck

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