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Increasing number of calls for bookkeeping services

I am getting an increasing number of queries on providing bookkeeping services. This is not an area I would to get into.

One client has agreed to pay a high hourly rate for this service. I have a few bookkeepers in mind who would work on freelance basis. I have not done this sort of thing before. I would be grateful for your comments/views on:

  • What would the best way this would work. By the client contracting with me or the bookkeeper? The client would like to contract with me. In general how does this work? Any other model that I should consider?
  • The bookkeeper would obviously know how much I am charging for the service, so I would like to know how much I should pay the bookkeeper. I know I can Google rates, it would good to know hear how people apporach this. I am South London based.
  • IsĀ  this an area worth getting into? - Purely bookkeeping services in addition to exisiting services. Sound like a real headache.


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Outsourced Bookkeeping

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Buddy agrement

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We earn as much..

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We like bookkeeping

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It does depend on your business model

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Outsourcing getting polular & smarter

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