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my lap top infected with Malware

My lap top has been infected with Malware virus. I did not have antivirus software installed on my lap top, but I have C Cleaner, MS security antivirus and Rescue and Recovery.

So far, I spent two days on Google searching for the cure, but no luck.All the websites I have visited recommend down loading one, or two software but since my lap top has already being infected I am unable to down load, or install any of the antivirus. In fact I cannot open any of my files, but I can browse the internet.The simple solution would be to reformat my PC, but this means I would lose my files.What other options should I consider?Could you please help? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Re: my lap top infected with Malware

Witch-Queen |
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I agree

3569787 |
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tiger.king |

Prevention - Not cure

Kryton |
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my lap top infected with Malware

Cantona1 |

.. and then backup.

afairpo |
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Macafee Virus removal service may help

aclince |
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stratty |
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Don't forget about windows restore

TomMcClelland |
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Use a Sandbox for browsing and pre-scan your emails

supremetwo |

Just done this to solve my ....

kiwilondon99 |

No need to re-format

RogerNeale |
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System Restore

Ian_mcdonald |

Well done

Healthpay |

Malware bytes, in safe mode

thepayrollsite |
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many of these virus actually freeze the computer and so using sa

carnmores |

Will not boot

honda900 |

my lap top infected with Malware

Cantona1 |

Take care if using removed disk method

Ian_mcdonald |

"To be on the alert is to live; to be lulled into security is to

Kryton |
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