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Networking - Does it work?

I am sot sure if networking works. By this I mean joining a networking group and paying a large amount of money for the privelage.

I was a member of BNI for 6 months, I just could not stand it anymore. This was for the following reasons:

  • Rules, rules, rules!
  • The phrase they over use "Givers Gain" - BNI itself is so far removed from this.
  • I could go on....

On the whole it would be great to hear accountants experience of networking- did it genrate business? If so what was the fee level like? Was the time and money spent justified?

I found that when I attend networking meetings, in the main, others there were expecting business from me in particular IFAs. Everyone wanted business, yet I did come not across any buyers. Further, I found those attending networking groups tend to be small or startup businesses. The more established ones do not attend networking meeting.

I found telemarketing and website SEO seems to work better.

It would be great to read experience of accountants.




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lots of different methods

Anonymous |

IBNI mustb be working..............

Anonymous |

Tele marketing

asimmalik78 |

It does work but.....

DingDong |
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Worked for me.... and I'm a sceptic!!

Anonymous |

Speed Networking

Anonymous |


Anonymous |

BNI definitely works for me

zarathustra |
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Problems with BNI

mmladd |

Networking is work. If done well it is hugely rewarding

mylesmayne |
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I have seen

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