New client possibility - but book-keeping...?

I have been asked to provide a book-keeping quote for a local hospitality industry client.  Although I offer book-keeping my rates are quite high as I prefer to outsource any book-keeping I get.  How do others in practice deal with the obvious question - why are you so much more expensive than my previous book-keeper?  I'm keen to have the meeting as I'd like to try and at least get the accounts & tax year end work. 

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Seperate Bookkeeping Business

Bob Harper |
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ayaz786ahmd |

Pass it on!

Steve Holloway |
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I thought that Bob would beat me to it:)

SteveOH |
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I agree with Steve Holloway

Phil Rees |
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Why turn away work

Anonymous |

As a sole practitioner with one part time assistant

Phil Rees |
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carnmores |
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To justify higher fees

lenny |
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Guarantees and packages

Bob Harper |
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Phil Rees |
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Bookkeeping Software

Fusion Accounts |
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