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New Year Resolutions

It is the time of the year when papers and adverts will be full of weight loss, stop smoking, find your perfect partner, new year new you etc etc.

This year as you know will not be any different any other year. The books about "how to"  and diet business carry on because we simply do not achieve our goals/good intentions we set.

I would like to try and address this from a slighlty different angle - not here is my list of resolutions.

Has anyone acheived their new year resolutions? What made you so different? 

How does one acheive their resolutions/goals etc. It requires a change in mindset rather than here is my wishlist? What is that change? 

I fall into the massive majority - here is my wishist. I spend massive amount of money of gym membership, diets books/food. I have a wiifit and ex bike - used about 4 times in the whole year.

This year I want to change and not give in to the herd - join a gym, diet club. Come Feb/Mar - "Can't be bothered I have too much work".

So it does not the spending of money that will achieve my goals it requires a massive change in my brain. This is where you lovely AW folks come in. Help!!!





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Get a dog!

taxhound |
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For single men only - Great personal Ad!

FirstTab |
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Dump the gym

cymraeg_draig |
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The New Year Resolutions.......But how?

cheeeetah |

Don't Torture Yourself

David Winch |
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Set the goals correctly


Hungry, incentive, target and enjoyment

Shirley Martin |