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Is this normal for HMRC?

As an agent we rang HMRC and after passing the identity checks the conversation went:
HMRC: How can we help you?
Agent: Do you want the NINO or the UTR?
HMRC: What are you calling about first?
Agent: Surely you need the NINO or UTR first?
HMRC: No, we need to know the purpose of your call.
Agent: The purpose of the call is to ask about progress with our letter dated 16 January.
HMRC: Thank you. What is the UTR?
Agent: The UTR is xxxxxx xxxxxx so now you have asked for what we offered at the begininng of this conversation.
HMRC: That's how we work.


Is this normal or have we missed something?

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and we wonder

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You think 23:48 is sad?

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Really worthy of a rant on Aweb?

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I have a solution -

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Alternative solution,,,,,,,

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Yes that's normal |

Feel better afterwards?

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Crikey!!! |

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this is the world we live in

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