Not a blind rant about my circumstances, but seeking advice none the less | AccountingWEB

Not a blind rant about my circumstances, but seeking advice none the less

Evening all,

Yes, I know I flounced off into the sunset a few weeks ago, but you guys are the closest I have to accountancy friends, so I am looking for your advice again.

To those of you who have followed this saga, I still think I need a job for the financial security at this stage rather than a business, which I am not yet ready for (although, never say never)

Following your advice from my last post I have applied to 64 positions stating "I passed the exams in XXXX but am not currently in memership of the ICAEW"

I have three very differnt job offers that I am considering (I have actually been offered 5 jobs, but 2 I discounted right away), which do you think would get my career off the ground again?

1) Audit Manager for respectable independent regional firm

2) FC for a £5mill t/o business (a uk subsid for a huge international business)

3) A consultancy job for a big non accountancy US business thats starting to make in-roads into the UK

As ever, all comments, suggestions and advice greatfully received.

Albert Camus

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Well done!

FirstTab |
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You could toss a coin, or ......................

cymraeg_draig |
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Agree with FT

Flash Gordon |

Good to hear from you again Albert

Guest1 |

Take stability ..

Steve Holloway |
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I'd go with #2 myself

Peter Bonetti |

Which job

bernard michael bayly |

I would pick 2

ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Well Done !

zarathustra |
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Well done Albert

Richard Willis |
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Thank you

Albert Camus |
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Excuse for a drink....

Flash Gordon |

Very happy!

Monsoon |
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