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. . . Or are you just pleased to see me?

Mae West might have raised an eyebrow had she been approached by 68 year old property salesmen John Maurice on his way to board a ferry at Dover. But he wouldn't be just pleased to see her; he had 63,000 euros stuffed down his underpants.

One of Revenue & Customs' trained sniffer dogs did show an interest in the well endowed pensioner and he was stopped and questioned.

The fat lady sang for Mr Maurice at Canterbury Crown Court when he pleaded guilty to laundering more than his underwear (not just once - the prosecution identified £3.8 million exchanged into euros and taken to Europe in 179 separate trips) and he was jailed for four years.

(Other money laundering news in the Accounting Evidence Ltd NewsAlert).


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talking of underpants

Anonymous |

Hope he didn't..

taxhound |
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500 euro notes

davidwinch |
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Wealth ?

cymraeg_draig |
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Anonymous |

Underpants man - just for fun

Becky Midgley |
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I think Becky

Anonymous |