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Orbit Accounts or Xero?

We are looking to invest in some 'cloud' accounts software that our clients can use. We want it to be simple, reliable and user friendly. The two that have made the shortlist as Xero and Orbit and I was just wondering what experiences any other practices have had in using these.

Any comments you have would be appreciated! 

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xero for me

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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KashFlow for us

willfarnell |

Recommend Xero

alastairh |

Kashflow pricing may be changing

Ken Howard |

No changes to existing customers

DuaneJAckson |
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Which ones didn't?

pjd17mini |

Why not more than one

philhendy |
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Accounts Portal or Xero for me

Monsoon |
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Xero and Liquid Accounts for me

johnt27 |

Orbit Accounts or Xero?

Dukus |


BryanS1958 |

Arithmo Online Accounting Software

ERP_Consultant_Dalbir |
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Flat Rate VAT in Xero

garyturner |
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VAT reporting

BryanS1958 |

Xero does FRS

gsgordon |

Xero or Orbit - It depends on your clients

torbenhalvorsen |
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Sally Fletcher |
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