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overpayment of tax rebate

Hello, please can someone assist me? I am a sole trader, registered for VAT in my own name. In June this year, I received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs saying I have not paid the VAT for the first and second quarters of 2009.

I had paid both payments (total £2847.04) - I had to get copies of the cheques from my bank which I sent them, with copies of the bank statement showing the money going out.

They have now told me that when they received my cheques they mistakenly paid the amounts into my Self-assessment account.

I subsequently received a tax rebate which I had no reason to believe I was not entitled to.

They have not commented on why it took them over a year to notice the money had not been credited to my VAT account.

They are now wanting instant repayment of what they are calling non-payment of VAT.

I have done nothing wrong here. I paid the VAT on time, the VAT number was clear on the reverse of the cheque, they must have processed the VAT return form to know how much the payment was! I had no correspondence to tell me they had not received my payment of VAT.

I received a tax rebate which I have spent.

I do not agree this is non-payment of VAT. To me, it is an over-payment of tax rebate, and it seems to come under something called "Official Error".

Could anyone please tell lme wher I stand here? I do not have £2800. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. There is a catalogue of errors on the part of HMRC. Apparently, they should not even have sent me the tax rebate without prior investigation as to why it was due - they didn't even do that!

I would be grateful if anyone can assist. Thank you.

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Sorry but I'm having trouble being sympathetic

vince8 |

I don't want sympathy, just advice please


What has your accountant said?

Monsoon |
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Thank you


Having your cake and eating it ....

non-sequitor |

Reference Numbers

thehaggis |

it was the VAT number